Lindsay Lohan was the only guest on Thursday’s pre-taped “Watch What Happens Live,” where the star opened up to host Andy Cohen about her OWN documentary, partying allegations, and much more.


Asked about rumors that she spent the weekend relapsing at Coachella, Lohan said that this outing was far more tame than when she went in past years.

“To be honest, this Coachella was the best time I’ve ever had going to Coachella,” she said, adding, ”This was the nicest trip I’ve ever had with my family.”

Lohan point-blank said “I was not” in response to partying claims, noting, “I was partying in a dancing manner, which can look like anything to anyone, so I get it.”

The actress’ assistant Matt Harrell served as the bartender for the episode, which included its signature drinking game for viewers, although Cohen abstained from alcohol to show support for the recovering star.

The host wondered whether Lohan believes she’s been fairly represented on the OWN reality series, and she replied “to an extent,” saying it was a “bummer” that the show didn’t show the circumstances of why alcohol was in her apartment in the last episode.

Lohan also claimed her apparent repeated lateness was a manufactured element of the show, and said she opened up much more than has been shown.

“There was a lot more that I said about my whole life story,” she revealed.

Still, Lohan doesn’t “regret it at all,” calling Oprah a “blessing to me in my life as a friend and as a mentor.”

“It’s been nice to kind of show who I am as a person, and all the chaos that comes in and out, and that’s life,” she said.

And when asked about Rosie O’Donnell recently slamming the series as a “tragedy,” Lohan accused the veteran actress-comedienne of being “bored,” and said it’s “sad” when actresses talk about fellow stars.

Lohan also said it’s also ”never been true” that her mom Dina is a huge partier who relishes going out with her daughter.

“My mom, if anything, she’s gone out with me because I’ve forced her to go out with me. It’s just a security blanket,” said the former child star.

Lohan gushed about being a fan of Bravo series like “Real Housewives,” which she spoofed on “SNL” last year, and Cohen played a new Mean Girls-inspired parody.

With rumors of a sequel swirling, Lohan offered, “There’s a way to go with that. It would probably have to be really dark.”

If Lohan could have her own “Housewives” tagline, she said it would be, “I’m done with mug shots, and I’m ready for an Oscar.”

Reflecting on her career, Lohan said the sex-filled film The Canyons was the worst experience because it was “uncomfortable,” whereas she “loved” working on Georgia Rule with Felicity Huffman and Jane Fonda.

Asked about working with the late Natasha Richardson on The Parent Trap, the star said, “She was just like a second mother to me.”

“Are you trying to make me cry?” Lohan went on. ”She was an angel. She was like Grace Kelly and Princess Diana. She exuded that out of her.”

The starlet, who is friends with Richardson and Liam Neeson’s son Michael, declined to name which actress she worked with who is the biggest “mean girl.”

“I will not talk negatively about any other actresses,” she said.

That said, Lohan admitted to seeing both former co-stars Megan Fox and Tyra Banks naked, predicted Charlie Sheen watched more porn than Ashton Kutcher, and also revealed she’s often without bras because she doesn’t like them.

Lohan also confessed that ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson marked her first time “swimming in the lady pond,” and refused to “confirm or deny” she’s hooked up with Kutcher, Orlando Bloom, Zac Efron, James Franco, and Justin Timberlake.

And though Lohan and her camp previously denied the authenticity of a leaked sex list, the star suggested its legitimacy by saying it was part of her recovery at Betty Ford, and claimed a third party somehow photographed it during her recent move.

Lohan acknowledged that it will be addressed further on Sunday’s documentary finale.

Ending the interview on a positive note, Lohan said her controversial dad Michael remains in her life, and said her extended clan is pretty happy these days.

“My family’s all in a really good place,” she insisted. ”I think it took me stepping out and not trying to fix everything.”

Check out all the video highlights from the show below!