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Jermaine Jackson seems to cutting things close on his latest child support payments. 

According to "TMZ," the mother of Jermaine's two sons Alejandra is claiming that he owes another several months worth of payments. 

The Los Angeles County Child Support Services Department has reportedly filed papers asking a judge to hold the former Jackson 5 brother in contempt.  The gossip site says he could face up to 20 days behind bars if he continues to fall behind on his payments of $3,000 per month.  

It's not the first time Jermaine has been in child support trouble.  In 2011, he had to hand over $80,000 to Alejandra in a settlement, and this past May, the court ordered him to cough up another $33,000. 

Jermaine and Alejandra share 17-year-old Jaafar and 13-year-old Jermajesty. 

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