(Yahoo!) - Da Mafia 6ix chose an interesting way to remember their late member/founder Lord Infamous. The video for new "6ix Commandments" mixtape single "Beacon N Blender" features an actual shrine devoted to the Memphis hip-hop icon and co-founder of Three 6 Mafia, who passed away in December but contributed a posthumous verse to the song. 

The video documents a slice of the drug game, from preparing rock cocaine to selling it out of a fast-food restaurant. DJ Paul, Koopsta Knicca, Crunchy Black, and Gangsta Boo all lend raps to the song.

*Warning: Explicit language

The tribute to Lord Infamous is incorporated into the storyline: When his verse comes in, one of the characters returns home with a stack of cash. He places the money on the makeshift altar and prays in front of burning candles, a picture of Lord Infamous, and a television showing static.

The scene is eerie; shot in low, flickering lighting, playing up the group's dark imagery and symbolism that includes pentagrams and references to the number 666.

Performance footage of Lord Infamous appears in the group's last video, "Break Da Law," released in February. 

Earlier in 2013, four of the original Three 6 Mafia members rejoined to form the group Da Mafia 6ix, including Lord Infamous. He died of a heart attack in December; just one month after the group released its mixtape.