Eminem just got one of the greatest jobs for sneakerheads like himself. According to Fortune, he's investing in a sneaker stock market startup called StockX. 

Along with other people who have deep pockets like Wale, Mark Wahlberg, Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden, AOL chief Tim Armstrong; Slim Shady is supplying money to this new e-commerce site "that targets the global sneaker resell market."

Fortune writes, "Launched about a year ago, StockX was founded as a marketplace for so-called sneakerheads—consumers who are obsessed with collecting popular and limited-edition sneakers that are most often made by big manufacturers like Nike and Adidas."

The difference with StockX and other sneaker sites is that it aims to connect kick lovers and sneaker companies by providing live biddings on merchandise, similar to the way people buy shares in the stock market. This is great idea, if you ask us. This investment should do well for everyone involved. 

Now, when can we cop our pairs?

Photo: Getty Images