Take a listen below to Kierra Sheard's new single, "2nd Win." The track is from her forthcoming album, "Graceland."



The album has 10 songs and 3 interludes, and features a duet with Canton Jones, and her brother J. Drew Sheard of production duties.


1. Intro: Spoken Word

2. 2nd WIN

3. Balm – Interlude

4. Moving Forward

5. Save Me

6. Flaws

7. Kill The Dragon

8. Found Love In You

9. Repin My God (feat. Canton Jones)

10. You Don’t Like What You See – Interlude

11. In You

12. No Grace Land

13. Go


"Graceland" is scheduled to be released July 22nd. The single '2nd Win' is available on iTunes now.

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audio source: Soundcloud/ryandonta