Get Your One Way Ticket To Live On Mars!!!

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Yesterday, Mars One, a Netherlands-based  organization, released their qualifications to be part of the first human mission to Mars in 2023. The  selection process, which will start later this year, is open to anyone across  the world that's over the age of 18.

Mars One also wants someone who is willing  to not only risk their life, but to completely sacrifice it for the sake of the  mission, as there is no way back to Earth. Once the  astronauts land on Mars, that's where they will call home.

So far one thousand people have  signed up!

The four chosen individuals will leave for  Mars in September 2022, when it will be over 38 million miles away from Earth. The rest  will leave for Mars at a later time. Mars One and the public will determine who  leaves for Mars first, choosing only the best fit for the first  mission.


Application  Process

The application and selection process will be  divided into four separate rounds once it begins:

  • Round 1

This will consist of submitting a general  application online, a motivational letter, a resume, and a one-minute video  where you will explain why you deserve to be the chosen for the mission. At the  end of this round, experts will choose who moves on to the second  round.

  • Round 2

You will need to get checked by physician to  check if you're in good health. You will then be invited to meet with a Mars One  selection committee in your region, where you will be interviewed.

  • Round 3

You will be part of the 20-40 applicants,  chosen from the previous round, who will participate in challenges to prove your  ability to survive and persevere on Mars. This is televised worldwide, and the  audience will choose one winner from each country, while the Mars One experts  will select their own winners to move on to the next round.

  • Round 4

The Mars One selection committee will create  international groups for each country. The groups will be trained and then  expected to demonstrate their ability to live in harsh living conditions and  work together. Out of all the groups, only four will become full-time employees  of Mars One, where they will train for their mission.


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