1. Near  Field Communication (NFC) for mobile payments.

This  allows you to beam content with other devices by just tapping them together.  Apple instead has a Passbook system where you can store tickets, boarding  passes, gift cards and etc., but it can’t do things like let you send money  wirelessly through Paypal.

2. Swype  on Keyboard

Unlike Apple,  Androids have a swipe option where instead of texting all your messages, you can  drag letters without lifting your finger. This makes texting easier and  faster.

3. SD card  support

Although the  iPhone 5 has a 64 GB, double from the 4’s 32 GB, it would still be nice to have  extra storage space. Having an SD card would help greatly with this but it is  unlikely that Apple will provide that anytime soon.

4. 128 GB  Option

We’d love to  be able to have all our music on our phones and not have to leave any on our  desktop.

5.  Non-proprietary dock connection

The iPhone  introduces a new micro-dock connection that requires a special cable of its own.  You still can’t use a regular USB port and standard USB cable to sync  it.

6. A  micro-HDMI port

If you want  to get video off of your phone, it requires the use of a special adapter. This  makes taking things from your phone to your TV a lot harder and more  expensive.

7.  Replaceable battery:

Even though  the battery life for the iPhone 5 has been improved a little, it still is not  enough for those who live off their phones. It would be nice to have an extra  battery on hand just in case.

8. Better  battery life

The battery  life on the 5 is still the same as the 4S with minor changes. This  doesn’t compare to the Razr Maxx by Android. 

Despite  the disadvantages from the iPhone 5, here's everything that it has and  can do:

4 inch  screen

All new  Liquid Metal design - smooth like liquid

Thinner  sleeker design

Built in  GPS standard

Face  Recognition Security

Face Time  on 3G and 4G

Custom SMS  tones

Custom  E-mail alerts with ability to assign different tones to each email  address

Shatter  resistant glass

8  MEGAPIXEL Camera rear and 5 in front

64G Basic  and 120G memory

Extended  battery life = 20 hours talk time on 3G and 10 hours on 4G. Standby 1000  hours.

Full 1080p  HD Recording AND 3D Video Display

Messaging  indicator light

HTML5  (safari) or apps to make Flash Player capable through apps

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