I know a place!!!!! Where you can learn how to create a budget, get outta debt, build some wealth, make some plans for your future, have some holiday money, prepare to own a home, change your money memory, establish a legacy and fix your financial habits for prosperity while learning the life skills to sustain all of that! for FREE!!! Yes for FREE! The CU Excel Center is like free school for your finances.

Don't miss the FREE BLACK FRIDAY BUDGETING CLASS (Nov 14th, 6:30pm) and FREE TAX PREP CLASS (Nov 19th, 6:30pm) Thx VP, Dorothy Bell!!! Instructor, Jaison McCall is the TRUTH!! RSVP by emailing center@stlouiscommunity.com


Visit https://www.stlouiscommunity.com/community/foundation/cu-excel-center

Our Guest:  Dorothy Bell

Dorothy Bell, VP of Marketing and Community Affairs, St. Louis Community Credit Union