Pictured at well over 160 pounds with Vincent Flewellen (Center) and Alvin Ailey Dancers, Antonio Douthit- Boyd, Kirven Boyd and Alicia Mack Graf


I have been detoxing under the watchful eye of a nutritionist. I’m on a REAL mission to lose a few pounds and feel healthier.  When I weighed myself last Sunday, I was 160 pounds.  Of course, seeing those numbers on the scale did not make me happy.  My love for food is placing me at risk for diabetes and heart disease. The ideal body weight for a woman my height is 130 pounds.  So, over the course of the next couple of months, I plan to get down to 130 pounds and feel fabulous! 


Right now, Robin Vilotti with Slim 4 Life is helping to me prepare my body for the proper chemical balance for my personal nutritional program. She tells me when it begins, I will lose weight in the safest way.  That’s super important to me. I don’t want to make myself sick trying to lose weight.

If I’m being honest, this initial phase has been a struggle for me.  I am completely addicted to sugar and breads.  Robin now has the tough job of helping me eliminate all STARCHES, SUGAR and CARBOHYDRATES from my body.

For the past three days, I have been drinking lots of water, eating 2 to 3 pounds of protein with two egg whites in the morning and an orange a day. I’m taking an essential fatty acid supplement; 3 at breakfast, 3 at lunch and 3 at dinner. Robin tells me in order for this initial phase of my journey to be successful, I must stay away from  fruit juices,  cooked veggies, bread, milk, cheese, deli meats, peas, pasta, pork and condiments.  It's been so tough!

I feel like such a cave woman, but I’m happy. I enjoy red meat. With this initial phase, the more beef I eat, the more weight I should lose. Last night I snacked on pieces of steak and raw spinach while watching The Voice. (LOL)

Tomorrow I will begin my actual program. I’m looking so forward to being healthier. I want to live a long, productive life. Wish me luck!