Eric & Jeff Rosenthal with The Breakfast Club

Eric & Jeff Rosenthal Talk 'It's The Real', Their Unconventional Interviews, Hip Hop Sketch Comedy & More

- Bringing their love of hip hop to their comedy routines

- Making guests extremely uncomfortable in their web videos

- Their unconventional style of interviewing

- Having Yelawolf on their show and catching him off guard

- The concept of their podcast 'A Waste of Time With It's The Real'

- Inviting guests into their home for their show

- Creating hip hop music and hip hop sketch comedy

- The wildest thing they ever muttered during sex

- Why they are not labeled as culture vultures

- Jeff and Angela Yee's Facebook marriage

- Their friendship with Bun B as their best rap friend

- Jeff's experience going to Rihanna's 7 day tour

- Bringing their music to the stage of SOBs on February 23rd for a legendary night of entertainment