R.I.P: Record Labels 1887- 2017

The record labels that were once meant to help artists generate albums, fame, and money are now obsolete. Learn about the new model these labels may use in the future. The Church of Artificial Intelligence-It sounds like something out of a science fiction novel but here's a new church for tech-minded folks. Way of the Future, is real! Me, My Wife and our Sex Robot? The robot will be your companion 'serving' you in many ways unimaginable than before. Personal robots are expected to be a 87 billion dollar industry by 2025. DRONES IN PRISON: Hear how officials are noticing how criminals are using more technology inside the joint! Ears To The Streets: 'Juuling' Is the newest thing trending on the streets that you probably never heard of! Sean Colopy also joins us this week to discuss cryptocurrency, its role in the future of finance, and how it will change the world. All This and more...tune in now!

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