Hip-Hop/R&B Is Now Most Consumed Genre in U.S

Yes  you have read that title correct I am just as shocked as anyone else but according to Nielsen this is true. 

According to Forbes, R&B and hip-hop—which are technically considered two separate genres—have been responsible for 25.1 percent of the music consumed in the U.S. Rock checks in at 23 percent.

Forbes says this shift in consumption has something to do with the surging popularity of streaming services. Rock is still “far and away” the most popular genre when it comes to the sale of albums, earning 40 percent of all sales in the U.S. But album sales have sunken little by little, year by year for a while now as streaming services become more ubiquitous.

Hip-hop/R&B are reportedly responsible for 29 percent of all on-demand streams across the country. In 2017, streaming services are the only platforms still growing at a steady rate. Forbes notes that seven of 2017’s top 10 most popular singles have fallen squarely in the hip-hop genre, while Bruno Mars’ R&B hit, “That’s What I like” also lands on that list, blending R&B and pop. So Major shout out to Hip/R&B

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