Robots Are Fighting The Homeless in San Fransico

This story is kinda sad but it seems the streets of San Francisco are enlisting the help of Robots to help fight the homeless. According to a recent report by The San Francisco Business Times, crime-fighting robots known as K9s are patrolling it’s sidewalks to fight the always-growing number of  homeless people from setting up tent encampments. The San Francisco SPAC (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) started using these machines near its Mission campus in early November, and they’re using it as a way to prevent sidewalk camps and other related issues, such as discarded needles and car break-ins. The K9 was created by a California-based startup called Knight scope, which rents out the robots for approximately $6 an hour. The S.F. SPAC president claims that since they’ve enlisted the help of these automated creatures, the city has seen a huge decrease in crime–but that doesn’t mean the people in San Francisco are happy about it.  



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