Man runs up on Gucci mane BAD IDEA!

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The new and improved Gucci Mane has come a long way from breaking bottles over the heads of patrons, pushing women out of moving cars, and doing copious amounts of drugs. Because if this would've been the old Gucci it would've been a problem 

These days, the East Atlanta Santa is happily and faithfully married to his wife, Keyshia Ka'oir, promotes positivity throughout his various platforms, especially Twitter, and even has become a New York Times Best Selling author. Guwop's transformation is something that is truly admirable and could be used as a blueprint for others to walk the straight and narrow path.

Unfortunately, with Gucci Mane's heightened popularity comes extreme fandom and during one of his tour stops this past Friday, this one specifically being at Tuskegee University in Alabama, a concert-goer thought it would be a good idea to rush the stage and approach El Gato.

Luckily, Gucci's road manager, Snake was on the scene and came out the woodwork to stop the perp in his tracks which looked like he was either attempting to hit a Diddy Bop alongside Guwop or display his best Bruce Lee impersonation on the Human Glacier. see more here

Man tries to run on stage during #GucciMane show, gets tackled

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