Is "The Real" Host Jeannie Mai Dating Young Jeezy???

Is "The Real" Host Jeannie Mai Dating Young Jeezy???After pictures surfaced online of Jeanie Mai and Young Jeezy booed the rumors have been floating around after over the weekend,Jeannie Mai celebrated her 40th birthday with a few celebrity friends including Jeezy, Trey Songz and his boo OT Genesis and his girl. Either way I don't blame her, Young Jeezy is probably everything she wanted and missed out on from her previous marriage, which by the way her and her husband divorced and he had a baby quickly after... but that's not the point!!! LOL... The point is if they are or if they are not, I am so happy that she seems happy and there is nothing wrong with having a little or a lot of fun. (wink wink)

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