Lana Del Rey Goes After Beyonce?!

Lana Del Rey has sparked an internet war. While announcing her new album she seemed to drag a whole bunch of other female stars through the mud.

Fans are calling for Lana Del Rey to delete her latest message, which has been deemed unnecessary. The theme of the post is about her music, for years, has been criticized for her lyrical content. People have shaded Lana for "glamorizing abuse" and she doesn't think that the industry has been fair to her.

Defending her own music, Lana Del Rey has been criticized heavily for the post. Fans are accusing her of putting down other women in a bid to get her point across and, all morning, she has been trending on Twitter as people share their opinions.

Although, it may look like she's blasting the likes of Beyonce, Doja Cat, Cardi B & Nicki Minaj, the gist of the rant is that they are allowed to glorify overt sexuality with their music and videos yet she is criticized for bearing her feelings in her music.

Whether or not she responds to the backlash remains to be seen.

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