Pimpin' In The Age of Social Media, Mobile Apps and the Internet of Things

Move Over iPhone X, Old School Phones are the new thing! The Crime Report: The Candyman now uses drones to lure children at playground. Tis The Season to Voice Shop using Alexa, Siri & Cortana. Remember Hoopz? She's back and has a now mobile game.

Bishop Don "Magic" Juan speaks on what's pimpin' like in the digital age. Pimpin' V.20 in the age of social media, mobile apps, website and the Internet of Things. The spiritual advisor for Big Snoop Dogg Bishop now give advise for Donald Trump and tells the real poltical reason why he voted for Hillary Clinton. Tune in & Listen as the Bishop Don "Magic" Juan has a Heath PSA for al you 'playa's' as he drops knowledge on the number one killer of black men and we aint talking bullets (hint-hint)

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