Marshawn Lynch Has A New Phone That Just Might Change The Game

In This Episode: There is no 'data, algorithm or A.I' that could've prevented the Texas church shooting but if your live in the inner city of Compton, Chiraq, E.St. Louis or Newark there is, its called 'predictive policing'. No one is exempt from cyber crime, just ask Donald Trump as his websites have been 'jacked' over 195 times. Africa is set to hit the 1 billion mark in mobile connectivity but what will that ultimately mean for the content? Find out what Tyrese, 50 Cent and Kevin Hart have in common with Instagram. Oakland Raider running back Marshawn Lynch is now in the tech game thanks to brainchild Leigh Hunt the visionary behind  "Beast Mobile" where Groupon meets the smartphone. Tune In & Listen!

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