Joey Badass Flips A Prince Masterpiece For 'When Thugs Cry' Performance

**WARNING: Explicit language**


While performing for an Australian radio show, Joey Badass covered one of the most popular songs of all time -- and he pulled it off really well!

The radio show has a Like a Version series where artists come in and add their own spins to well-known tracks. So, during this new round, Joey decided to cover Prince's infamous "When Doves Cry." The Brooklyn rapper called his new rendition "When Thugs Cry." Backed by some background singers, Joey did his thing on the mic and we were really feeling it. He had a horn section onstage with him, too. 

"Maybe I'm just like my brother/ He's never satisfied/ Why do we shoot at each other/ This is what it sounds like when thugs cry," he sang. Then, he goes in with the bars: "Can't explain the pain/ All I know is chains/ All I know is whips/ And all I know is gang, gang, gang, gang/ Don't even know my name, and the place from which I came/ N**gas love to talk but n**gas never change."

Take a look at Joey Badass' "When Thugs Cry" performance above. 

Photo: YouTube/triple j


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