Enter The Monster: Founder Noel Lee "Beats Back" Reclaiming Throne

The Hip Hop generation became familiar with Noel Lee from his unique partnership with Dr. Dre, which led to the creation of the Beats line of headphones. Don't sleep- is redefining how we listen to music. In this interview Noel speaks autonomous cars, the internet of things, a new smartphone in the works, why virtual reality is ready for prime time and much more. Tune in now as Noel Lee leaks game on how his brand remains relevant for so damn long! What most people forget about Monster is that it wasn’t always about gold-plated HDMI cables and colorful, over-ear headphones. Back in 1978 it was just Noel Lee, a touring drummer and audiophile, winding cables in his garage. It was a passion project for Lee, who describes himself then as a pocket-protector carrying engineer.

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