Is 'Basic Income' The Future?

Big Data reveals America's Most Violent Cities guess what the #1 city is. You'd never believe Hewlett Packard is now in the marijuana business, Samsung just enter the crypto space. As robot take job, former Google exec and future predicts Basic Income will be the new economy. All this and more tune in and watch!

'Basic income' experiments, in which people are given a regular salary just to live, no strings attached, are popping up all over Europe, Africa, and North America. At the 2018 TED Conference, futurist Ray Kurzweil made a bold predication about the future of "free" money: "In the early 2030s, we'll have universal basic income in the developed world, and worldwide by the end of the 2030s. You'll be able to live very well on that. The primary concern will be meaning and purpose," he said onstage at the annual event...

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