Amazon Building Robots for Home Use?

Warning: The robots are coming! Amazon is leading the charge to a whole new way of life and resistance is futile. inc. is embarking on an ambitious and top secret plan to build robots for home use, according to people familiar with the company's efforts. T-Mobile & Sprint announces 5G for all. Over 2 billion people worldwide are "unbanked." By 2020, video surveillance will be watching every move you make. Enter this week's edition of Tech This Out News! Check it out in the video below along with Osei's interview with Oscar Garcia, Founder and CEO of Uulala, a financial app, "helping the cash consumer become creditworthy." 

With over 2 billion adults worldwide that are still 'underbanked' or unbanked, Latino-owned FinTech company Uulala see the huge untapped potential of this multi-trillion dollar market. CEO of Uulala, Oscar Garcia discusses how his company has created a solution that is geared at servicing this audience.

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