Clean Sweep 2018 - Neighborhood Clean-Up and Celebration

Launched in 2017, Clean Sweep is an intense large scale, highly charged neighborhood clean-up initiative spearheaded by Better Family Life’s Community Outreach, by which neighborhood residents, volunteers from throughout the region, city of St. Louis departments and area construction companies to address one of the city’s most pressing issues, the physical condition and environment of more challenged neighborhoods.


The vision of (BFI) Clean Sweep is to provide the St. Louis metropolitan area with an annual event that ignites and maintains momentum for neighborhood revitalization by providing inner-city residents a real sense of hope for a clean, vibrant and fully-functioning community; to recruit and engage a broad base of volunteers who promote real regional unity; and to demonstrate what is possible when we all work together.


  1. Re-kindle a sense of pride in challenged neighborhoods.
  2. Recruit residents for on-going improvement efforts
  3. Provide an annual event to improve the “Spirit of St. Louis”

Be a part of the largest clean up effort is St. Louis History! Get more information and volunteer HERE.


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