NEVER EVER GIVE UP! For all my Beat Listeners (Please Read)


So last week on my lunch, I went to visit a very special listener.

This woman has been through so much over the past year and I can honestly say she inspires me everyday. I can’t imagine the feelings and emotions that would go through my head if one day the doctors told me that my legs needed to be removed. Would I even possess half or even an ounce of the courage, resilience or faith she has? Would I smile knowing that something I have been doing since the age of one is no longer my reality? Would the idea of starting over overwhelm me with so much fear, to the point I don’t want to leave the house? All these questions ran through my head and then I look at Monnette Robinson, so courageous so brave and always smiling.

The fight and the struggle are real DEPRESSION is real, HOPELESSNESS is real, FEELING UNWORTHY is real, but we have to fight (We were built for it).

Think about it, what are the alternatives if you give up on your goals and dreams? Seriously, what happens? You already know what it feels like to give up, just imagine what you could do or where you could be if you kept going.


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