Really? Hazel E Makes a City Girls Diss Track (Video) WARNING IT'S PATHETIC

If you were wondering where former Love and Hip Hop star Hazel E has been apparently she's been in the studio making diss tracks to the City Girls. Hazel ATTEMPTED to go in on Yung Miami and JT in a diss track called “Add It Up,” in which she accused the girls of "jocking"her style. I had no idea Hazel E even had a style, but ummmmm okay.

Yung Miami actually responded to the song:

“On my son, I will beat either one of you hoes to death,” she wrote in the since-deleted message. “Just ’cause bitches throw drinks and pull hair across tables on TV don’t do shit to me! […] Hazel you wish you was signed to QC. Nobody know you or your music … what checks you signing?”

Watch the video (Warning it's PATHETIC)

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