Trina Calls Out Exes French Montana, Tory Lanez, Jay Harden & Lil Wayne

Trina goes in on her exes in the new song she is featured in with Nicki Minaj titled "B.A.P.S"

Are you guys ready for The One????

This one is for French Montana

Tory Lanez and friends

Jay Harden, and you too, Mr. Martin

I curved y’all boys (No disrespect to y’all boys)

Yeah! I curved y’all boys (No disrespect to y’all boys)

And to my niggas with bitches that like causin’ drama

Me and my bad bitches, we like “Fuck his baby mama!”

He cop me them Chanel bags, them diamonds VVS

See this five hundred million dollar mansion, this rack ’round my neck

On the song, Trina also seems to hint at her ex Lil Wayne. She rhymes:

I know a dude named Wayne that I used to f*ck

I slid on him, got a check, then I was off in that truck

Ferrari 4-door, hit the gas, left foot on the clutch

Countin’ money bags, shit, I been bossin’ up

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