This Restaurant Serves The Best Loaded Fries In Missouri

Loaded Bacon Ranch Fries

Photo: Getty Images

Loaded fries are a genius way to turn a snack into a meal. The popular menu item can be topped with chili, cheese, scallions, tomato, sour cream, ranch, buffalo chicken, bacon, pork, jackfruit, and so much more! Some restaurants will even allow you to choose the toppings that you want to create a custom order. There is one restaurant in Missouri that serves loaded fries to such perfection that you won't even want to alter them due to the exceptional flavor combination that the signature dish offers.

According to LoveFood, the best loaded fries in the entire state of Missouri can be found at Chick-In-Waffle in Kansas City. The most popular fries on the menu are their Nashville Hot Chicken fries featuring eight different sauces, melted cheese, and pickles.

Here is what LoveFood had to say about the best loaded fries in the entire state:

"One of the specialties here is fried chicken served in a waffle cone, which gives you some idea of the playful inventiveness on offer. Chick-in Waffle is equally generous and creative with its fries, which come loaded with any combination of eight house-made sauces plus lots of other lovely stuff. They’re all incredible, though we reckon it’s hard to beat this combination of crisp fries with tender Nashville hot chicken, cheese and pickles.

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