Jhene Aiko Reportedly Watched Thief Steal Her Range Rover From The Valet

Jhene Aiko

Photo: Getty Images

Jhene Aiko is fuming after she literally saw someone steal her car from valet parking.

According to a report TMZ published on Sunday, March 26, the "Sunshine" singer had the worst experience while eating dinner with her family last weekend. Aiko decided to valet her white 2020 Range Rover after she pulled up to L.A.'s Tasty Noodle House. A source within law enforcement told the outlet that the singer gave the valet her keys at around 8:30 p.m. and walked into the restaurant to eat with her family. Nearly 30 minutes later, she saw a thief take off in her ride.

At first, she thought it was one of the valet workers just moving her car. However, once it wasn't returned, police were called. None of the valet workers were responsible for the hijacking. Unfortunately, an extra key was left inside her SUV, which probably how the robber was able to make off with the vehicle so easily. At the moment, police are investigating the robbery. So far, there's been no sign of the car nor have there been any arrests made in the case.

Prior to the carjacking, Aiko's been living a pretty great life. She just welcomed her first child with her boyfriend Big Sean last year. Not long after the baby was born, Sean was seen wearing a ring on his left hand. The new jewelry instantly sparked rumor that he and Aiko recently got married. However, neither Sean nor the mother of his child have confirmed the news.

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