Missouri Town Named The Smallest Town In The Entire State

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You've read about the most remote spot in Missouri, but do you know which is the smallest town in the entire state? Sometimes, the biggest surprises come in the tiniest packages, and the smallest town in the Show-Me State is no exception.

Reader's Digest compiled a list of the smallest town in each state, using 2019 U.S. Census information on mostly incorporated towns, described as having legal municipal boundaries, a state charter and local laws and government.

So which Missouri town is the smallest in the state?


Located in Lincoln County about an hour and a half east of Columbia, this tiny town has an astonishing population of five residents. Here's what the site had to say:

"This rural, generically named town about an hour northwest of St. Louis has just five residents. Located on the Cuivre River, it's only a few minutes from Cuivre River State Park, which offers swimming, hiking, camping, fishing, and many other outdoor activities. Although much of the surrounding area is agricultural, the park has an Ozark-like feel with bluffs, caves, and interesting topography from those who live nearby to explore."

Check out the full list at Reader's Digest to see the smallest towns around the country.

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