Missouri Restaurant Serves The Best Pasta In The State

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You don't have to fly halfway across the world to Italy to find incredible pasta, lovingly made and mixed with fresh, flavorful ingredients for a dish you'll never forget. You don't even have to leave the state!

Based on reviews, awards and personal experience, LoveFood searched around the country to find the most amazing pasta you can get this side of the Atlantic, compiling a list of the best pasta dish in each state, from "creamy carbonara or spaghetti in silky red sauce" to "inventive creations and new takes on the classics."

So which restaurant serves up the best pasta in Missouri?

Anthonino's Taverna

It only makes sense that the best pasta in Missouri is a St. Louis delicacy! This St. Louis restaurant may not have invented toasted ravioli, but its take on the popular favorite was named the best of the best in the entire state.

Anthonino's Taverna is located at 2225 Macklind Avenue in St. Louis.

Here's what LoveFood had to say about Missouri's best pasta:

"A St. Louis specialty, you'll find toasted ravioli on pretty much all the menus across the city. If you're looking for the best, though, head straight for the cozy, family-run Anthonino's Taverna, which serves a mix of Italian and Greek cuisine. Crispy on the outside and filled with delicious meat inside, the toasted ravioli come with a marinara sauce for dipping too."

Check out LoveFood's full list to see more of the best bowls of pasta around the country.

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