DJ LP Sneaker Pick Of The Week

Sneakers available: Now 

Where can you pick these up : At LAGEAR.COM

Background on this sneake

This week I only got one shoe of the week, Major shout out and thanks goes out  to LA Gear for dropping these amazing shoes on us. Let me tell you  how hyped I was to learn that LA GEAR made my dream come true by making these shoes. I’m a huge Black Panther fan so when I seen these shoes I immediately had to get them.  This legendary sneaker comes from the Marvel Collection with a good mix of leather, fabric and a rubber sole. These shoes are lightweight and stylish and just in time before the Black Panther movie so I’m definitely going to be showing up to the theater with these on. I literally felt like I was T'Challa (Black Panther) when I put these on LOL.