"Twerkulator" Goes Viral For City Girls

The City Girls' viral track "Twerkulator" is out now!

Yung Miami and JT dropped the TikTok booty-shaking single, after the journey to get the song cleared, since Quality Control and Capitol records were unable to clear the “Planet Rock” sample by Afrika Bambaataa & the Soulsonic Force.

The song was not supposed to see the light of day, but "SOMEHOW" it got leaked and landed on TikTok where it became a viral dance challenge.

Back in March, Yung Miami said that the City Girls' team was working on getting the song released and now its here!

Recently, the City Girls jumped into the fashion industry!

Yung Miami and JT released their first IconSwim swimwear line, which features an array of women’s bikinis, cover-ups and swimwear. Prices range from $26 to $40 with The City Girls style in colorful patterns.

“The Wait is Finally Over! It’s officially our launch day,” JT wrote to Instagram. “Shop @iconswim x @citygirls capsule collection now.”

Recently, Interview Magazine wanted to highlight the "dominance" of women in hip hop and called upon Megan Thee Stallion to interview the City Girls.

The City Girls broke down JT going to prison, their upbringing and the influences in their style of music.

"The struggle, the fast life, the stealing. Growing up around my mom and auntie, they were always talking to men for money," said JT. "I’ve never seen my mom in a real relationship... That’s what I grew up around, that type of life, the stealing and hustling. That’s where the influence comes from in the music."

"The stuff that I saw growing up were shootings," Yung Miami said. "My momma used to steal. My daddy was selling drugs. My mom used to sell clothes for us to get by. She’d just steal clothes and sell them. That was basically my upbringing, just growing up in the struggle."

Through the interview Meg found the vast similarities between the three of them comforting in the success they've all achieved, fueled by the obstacles that stood in their lives.

The whole interview can be found here https://www.interviewmagazine.com/music/city-girls-and-megan-thee-stallion-celebrate-their-rap-game-dominance

Photos by Getty Images