Akon City Now Powered By Akoin

Akon plans to build a futuristic "Akon City" in Uganda.

Along with Akon City, Akon has launched AKOIN, his very own cryptocurrency.

AKOIN is "a cryptocurrency powered by a blockchain based eco-system designed for entrepreneurs in Africa."

In a Instagram post, Akon posed with a credit card emblazoned with the cryptocurrency's logo, as he announced the launch of the AKOIN Card.

"It’s Done," Akon wrote. "The official AKOIN Card!!! Which allows you to now spend your AKOIN (AKN) were ever master card is excepted. I’m sure you can’t freely spend your crypto in any of your favorite stores right? Well you can with AKOIN (AKN) so grab yours now on BitMart.com before we expand to the major exchanges."

The announcement is a shift in music as a whole, as every day, artists releases their own NFT collections, and taking their payments in Bitcoin and entering into partnerships with cryptocurrency payment platforms.

Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and the blockchain technology that powers it is slowly surrounded music, and is embedding itself into the fabric of the industry.

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