KANYE WEST: New Album This Week

Justin Laboy says he and Kevin Durant got a sneak preview over the weekend.

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

We’ve also heard reports of a listening party at a Las Vegas church this past weekend.

While no track list or features have been revealed, we know that Kanye and Tyler were spotted in the studio together.

Kanye's a perfectionist. Not even he knows when he's putting something out until it's actually out. And even then we've seen him go back and make tweaks.

If this is true, I wonder what impact it might have on Drake's release date.

Justin Laboy started a trending topic when he told Twitter last night (Sunday) that “Kanye played his new album for me and Kevin Durant last night in Vegas. Man listen! The production is light years ahead of its time and the bars sound like he’s broke and hungry trying to get signed again. Any artist who plans on dropping soon should just push it back. #Respectfully.”

Just a few minutes later, Laboy offered up some more details on the project’s status, saying, “Kanye West’s album is really done. When it drops this week, we probably [are] not going to listen to anything else for a while… “ The only real proof of the story came in the form of a picture of Laboy standing with Yeezy and Durant, proclaiming that it’s about to be a “#YeezyEra.”

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