#MentalWealthExpo: A Conversation About "Black Men & Mental Health"

This past weekend our first ever Mental Wealth Expo went down at the Marriot Marquis in Times Square. A day full of mental health education and healing one of the featured panels was "Black Men & Mental Health" Featuring Charlamagne Tha God, Ryan Mundy, Jason Wilson, Jay Barnett + Maxwell from Z100.

The panel covered a wide variety of topics in mental health, healing, and masculinity with one of the focuses being on subscribing to society's view of a real man does more harm than good. With Jason Wilson breaking down how societies view of a man is limited which in result affects men more than most people realize.

"It does more harm because society definition of a man is limited, we've allowed ourselves to be defined by the culture and the culture has defined men by only masculine attributes and when we only can live under masculine attributes we really cannot become the nurtures that we were created to be, we cant be compassionate when we need to be and as a result of that when we feel like we're becoming weak which we all will at times become weak we feel like we're not a man anymore and then we wonder why the suicide rate among black men is at highest in history right now"

Check out the full panel above!

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